Per Me (For Me) extra virgin olive oil Organic Farming.
immagine a corredo del testo

I gave samples of the oil Per Mio Figlio to some gastronome friends with small children. But between dosing it into the bambini’s brodino and replacing the stopper, they were slyly drizzling my precious extra virgin olive oil on bread and eating it themselves. After all, they reasoned, it must be good for them too.
Thus I was moved to confess the existence of a second, more structured and, well, “adult” oil that I was pressing in minute quantities just for myself, from the olives of two small, ancient groves on Monte Amiata at the highest point the olive tree can survive. I let my friends taste it, and one thing led to another.
I bought the last trees left at that altitude and so I “officially” launched the micro-production of Per Me oil, still in collaboration with the Depart-ment of Pharmaceutical Science, University of Florence, still certified Organic Farming.
It is an exquisite gourmet extra virgin olive oil, of great complexity with unusual organoleptic (sensory) characteristics because it comes from the mountain crus. The method is the same that we use for Per Mio Figlio, and the results are the same too: extremely low acidity, practically zero “ageing” of the polyphenols, the same effort to keep the oil alive and intact. The result is a taste that will thrill lovers of all that is beautiful and delicious.
In addition to its extraordinary taste, behind this oil lies scientific research aimed at adults. Thanks to its high content of vitamins, tocopherols, and, above all, polyphenols, if you watch your life-style, Per Me will help keep you well.
A great oil has between 100 and 250 mg per litre of polyphenols. Some of our mountain crus have exceeded 450 mg. It is precisely the polyphenols that, according to international scientific studies, contribute to the reduction of "bad" cholesterol (LDL), without reducing the "good" cholesterol (HDL), thus combatting the risk of heart disease and the effects of ageing. Furthermore, many studies now suggest a relationship between the consumption of a great extra virgin olive oil and a lower incidence of tumours of the breast, stomach, and intestine.
Per Me is unique. Use it for your well-being, but use it for your senses too. I made it for myself and I’ve made it available only in special bottles so that, when you taste it, it will be the same as when it’s just pressed.
Change your habits; rethink your relationship with an extra virgin oil: Use Per Me at every meal. The unusual concentration of its components means you can use only a third as much as you use of ordinary oils. So serve it at
elegant dinners, yes, but also use it every day to give a richer flavor to soups and vegetables, or use it with a great Parmigiano as a condiment for pasta—you’ll forget about butter.
For your body and for your spirit.

Armando Manni