Per Mio Figlio (For My Child) extra virgin olive oil Organic Farming.
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Around the time my son Lorenzo was born, Europeans were faced with BSE in their beef and dioxins in their chicken, while plastic and pesticides were being found in the blood of many Americans (Washington Post, 22 March 2001). I want good, healthful food for my son Lorenzo. That is why, after he was born, I decided to produce the Organic oil I call Per Mio Figlio (For My Child). And I was right. Grave cases of food contamination were soon appearing in the papers every day.
I began to study European and American scientific research on food and discovered the extraordinary properties of a food I’d been eating all my life, extra virgin olive oil. In fact, paediatricians recommend giving babies a spoonful of it every day, as soon as they are weaned, to help them grow.
So I gathered some of the best experts and created this Organic Farming extra virgin olive oil in the context of a scientific research project in collaboration with the Department of Pharmaceutical Science, University of Florence. Together we
developed an innovative research and production plan. As a result, Per Mio Figlio is one of a kind—so good and so healthful it’s in a class by itself.
We use a rare olive of exceptional quality, found nowhere in the world but the wild and isolated slopes of Monte Amiata, in southern Tuscany.
From the fruit of age-old olive trees that grow halfway up the mountain we obtain a superb Organic Farming extra virgin olive oil with extremely low acidity, silky on the palate, and with a delicate bouquet. (Use it anywhere you might think of putting butter. Lorenzo won’t eat tomato sauce any more—he loves his pasta plain with just Per Mio Figlio and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.)
Perhaps most important, however, we were able to preserve the maximum polyphenol content.
To achieve this important result, we took a long time studying when to harvest and how to press and bottle in such a way as to keep the oil intact and alive till it reaches the consumer. Thus the final result of our method, tested by the University of Florence, is an amazing “ageing” value for the polyphenols of practically zero.
That means you can enjoy, perhaps for the first time, the goodness and healthfulness of a justpressed Organic Farming extra virgin olive oil.
Researchers have, in fact, detected a gradual drop in the oil’s beneficial effects (antioxidant, anti-LDL, or “bad” cholesterol, anti–heart attack, anti-ageing, anticancer, and more) as it oxidizes and deteriorates.
To deliver its benefits, the oil must be produced perfectly and still be intact when consumed. When that happens, the content of essential fatty acids and oleic acid corresponds to the percentages found in mother’s milk.
It is for these reasons that we decided to analyse our oil every four months and to publish the results on our Web site. We are the only oil producer to do this, and we do it to be sure, for ourselves as well as for you, of what we are eating.
Here lies the secret of Per Mio Figlio: scientific research applied to the tradition of Tuscany’s olive oil and attention to every detail.
That is how we were able to make a children’s Organic Farming extra virgin olive oil of unique goodness, healthfulness and safety.
For your child too.

Armando Manni